ICL- Implantable Contact Lens

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If you find that you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK surgery for whatever reason, ICL may be a perfect solution for you. Implantable contact lenses are very similar to traditional contact lenses as they are able to correct visual problems from inside the eye without removing the eye’s natural lens.

Via a small incision in the cornea, the lens is placed behind the iris and in front of the eyes natural lens. Think of it as permanent contacts. These lenses are pliable and extremely thin. ICL is an outpatient procedure, same as LASIK, and is performed in about 30-40 minutes. It is relatively painless, and patients notice results immediately. It takes about 30 days to heal overall on average.

*Following surgery, you will need to visit your doctor for several months and may need to use eye drops. Recovery time varies by patient.

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3 replies

  1. I like more clasic contact lenses …

  2. Is this available for people with heavy astigmatism and “too thin of a cornea “for lasik or prk

    • The ICL is not available in this country for astigmatism. Depending on the amount of astigmatism, your corneal thickness and other factors, many patients can have an ICL for the primary nearsightedness, then a lasik or prk for the residual astigmatism.

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