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As we age, our eyes age with us. Presbyopia naturally occurs when the lens of our eye, used to focus, loses some of its natural flexibility. Usually occurring anytime on or around 40-ish it may require certain individuals, for example nearsighted or myopic patients to wear bifocals. While there currently is no FDA approved procedure to treat presbopia specifically, there are correction procedures to treat other conditions such as myopia. Which would usually only require the patient to use a set of reading glasses for fine print (on account of presbopia).

Many presbyopic patients opt for monovision correction as appose to traditional LASIK. This procedure leaves one eye nearsighted while adjusting the other for farsightedness. Allowing your eyes to work as a team. Click here to view a video that explains presbyopia in further detail.

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  1. Does TLC offer Intracor Presbyopic Correction?

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